Pass The Beep Test

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Pass the test like a professional athlete! All of the techniques are broken down into simple steps – so you can learn quickly and easily – no matter what your abilities or experience level.

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Here’s what “Pass The Beep Test” will do for you…

  • Makes You feel confident and not nervous at your beep test – because you’ll feel ready and in peak shape!
  • You will have NO worries about feeling embarrassed working out in front of a trainer especially if your endurance or speed and agility is poor…
  • You can workout in the privacy of your own home and save the money of driving to a gym to work out…
  • You can exercise when your schedule allows you to whenever you want to and allows you total flexibility…
  • You will save hundreds of dollars by NOT hiring a personal fitness trainer so – you save big money on trainer fees…
  • You can plan to take the beep test when you feel physically ready and need to – you can work harder using the programme and boost the exercise levels if you need to be ready sooner…
  • The Day of Your Beep Test you will feel confident and not nervous at your beep test – because you’ll know you are READY and in peak shape and ready to pass the beep test the first time with a high score!

Pass The Beep Test Programme, a 40-plus-page ebook in PDF format which provides you step-by-step instructions and delivers effective exercises at exactly the right point in the training process, giving you the BEST possible results in the least amount of time.

Pass The Beep Test Programme is the culmination of everything I have learned and taught about passing your beep test successfully. It covers absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know, and nothing extra – I don’t want to waste your time giving you junk you don’t need.

Easy To Use Pass The Beep Test Training

Get the right information you need to boost your strength, agility and speed quickly and safely — so you can easily rate the highest levels on your beep test scores.

?Easy To Use Pass The Beep Test Workouts

Steady State Endurance Based Cardio Training, Interval Training and Recovery Training (all 3 together) to take the guesswork out of exactly how to train — so you boost your endurance and speed 100% to 200% or more in just days!

Know The Right Exercises To Do and When

Find out the best exercises to boost your strength training so you an stop wasting time with ineffective methods. Learn how proper reps and sets will help increase your endurance!

How Overtraining Can Harm Your Fitness Levels

Did you know that overtraining can slow your fitness gains? Find out the right combination of training and rest that achieves the fastest and most long lasting fitness results.

Weight Training Versus Cardio Training

Wondering what to do first? Weight Training or Cardio? Find the answer inside the book!

Nutritional Tips: Proteins and Carbs

Simple nutritional tips and eating habits to boost your energy during a workout. Find out why a carb balance is critical for fueling your long term endurance and how to boost the energy you feel by eating the right foods.

Beep Test Diagram Is Included

A complete beep test diagram on how to set up and run the test is included.

Beep Test Workouts Are Included

A complete beep test workout with times for reps is included for strength, speed, agility and balance training.

Secret Insider Tricks To Passing The Beep Test

Find out my secret insider strategies for visualizations to help you win the beep test game the first time!

Nutritional Strategies and How To Eat Right Before The Beep Test To Help Your Body Win!

What’s the best thing to eat the day before and on the day of the test. This insider strategy will surprise you!

Much Much More…

With my instantly downloadable “Pass The Beep Test – Secret Strategies To Pass The Beep Test” ebook, you can get started testing yourself just minutes from now!


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