Ten Steps To Profitable Trading

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Discover The Amazing Secrets To A
Ten Step Trading Strategy
This Work At Home Trader Uses To Consistently Profit From The Stock Market

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Here’s what the ten steps is about.

  • It’s about giving beginners to the stock market a simple staircase approach to buy-low-sell-high trading that will maximize the chances of winning and minimize the chances of losing, regardless of market conditions.
  • Even experienced traders who are not satisfied with their results use the ten steps to help refresh their trading approach.
  • It’s about earning a steady income from a finite amount of capital so that you can build on your nest egg, which remains separate and intact or in some other very low risk investment.
  • It’s about taking you, one step at a time through a profitable trade, from how to choose your stock, to getting in at the best (and safest) possible time, to getting out at the best (and safest) possible time, protecting your capital along the way.
  • It’s about understanding how much you should be risking in your trades so that you can get in and out of your trades easily, but still make enough from them to make it all worth while.
  • It’s about allowing your winning trades to safely ride as long as you can. I’ve followed strategies in which you exit when you have ‘hit your target’. What’s the point? Too many times I’ve hit my target, exited, only to watch my stock gain another 20% – without me on it!
  • It’s about cutting losers quickly. Preservation of capital is key with the ten steps. Things will go wrong and you will make losing trades, but you will always be able to fight back another day, the same day if you wanted.
  • It’s about avoiding confusion from the hundreds (or is it thousands?) of different market indicators which are the pulse of the financial markets. Technical and fundamental analysts have always been at odds, so why listen to either of them?
  • It’s about discovering who are the real players in the market. It’s not the bulls and the bears, it’s the ‘dumb money’ and the ‘smart money’. Of the more than 90% of traders who lose, they are all either a bull or a bear.
  • The smart money makes up 100% of the winning traders. Learn who they are and how they do it.
  • It’s about learning how to handle news, and the hype which surrounds it. The market is driven by fear and greed, and this causes panic buying and panic selling. Ten steps works independently of the fear and greed, allowing rational trades to be made which capitalize on the hype.
  • It’s about being in a system which only requires your attention once, to set your order, then again every couple of weeks until you take profits. You don’t really even need to be there at the time either.
  • It’s about living a leisurely, stress free life whilst still enjoying the benefits of having a paycheck. If early retirement seems out of reach for you, then you could make this your second chance.


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