How To Check The Version Of The Gcc C++ Compiler Installed On A Windows Pc

As you can see, the ways to take screenshots and scrolling screenshots in Windows 11 haven’t changed much from Windows 10. So go ahead and use the screenshot method that suits your needs the best. Once you do, let us know which method you prefer to capture a screenshot and why. Meanwhile, as a Windows 11 user, check out how you can switch back to a Windows 10-style Start Menu design on your Win 11 installation and how to change the default browser in Windows 11. You can also learn to customize the Windows 11 Start Menu and check the screen on time on your Windows 11 PC. Release the mouse button to take a screenshot of the selected area.

Windows 11 will come out whenever Microsoft has a business incentive to stop patching updates into 10. They have no such incentive now, but that doesn’t mean that that won’t change in the future. There’s no guarantee that the Microsoft of the future will feel constrained by the marketing promises of the Microsoft of the present. Some of the big new features in Windows 11 include Mac-inspired consumer features, as well as Taskbar widgets, easier virtual desktop switching, pen haptics for sketching, and snapping gestures.

Method 2: Open Your Computer And Check Your Motherboard

You can leave a comment if you have any suggestions or something to add. Now press the shortcut key you have chosen to launch the “Snipping Tool.” If it is working, then well and good; if not, then go with the following method. Press Windows+i on your keyboard to open the Settings app.

However, if you want to make 100% freehand selections or take webpage screenshots of any length, you need to combine Dropshare with another brilliant utility. If you don’t want to capture screen but rather text from a specific area of your screen, TextSniper does the job perfectly. This OCR tool allows you to extract text from a YouTube video, someone’s online presentation, graphical image, PDF document, you name it. In fact, the media player doesn’t indicate that you even trimmed the video, so this is where some people get a little confused. Once you’re at the ending point, click the Record button again to stop recording. Again, you can also select Record from the Playback dropdown menu or hit Shift + R to stop recording.

  • You almost certainly have a selection of apps installed on your computer, and many of these use notifications to let you know about things.
  • That means you don’t have to crop out your 90+ tab windows or the full URL to your secret document.
  • Use winetricks and select one of the fontsmooth-gray, fontsmooth-rgb or fontsmooth-bgr options.

Windows 11 will also come pre-installed for free on new PCs and laptops as well, though you should check before you buy to make sure. In some cases, new laptops and PCs may still be sold with Windows 10, and you’ll have to upgrade for free yourself. However, there is a way to upgrade to Windows 11 without TPM 2.0, but this should only download systemeventsbrokerclient_dll click here be done by people who are really desperate to run Windows 11 despite not meeting the system requirements. We have a handy guide on how to download Windows 11, which gives you all the information you need now that the final version has been released. You can get an early view of Windows 11 today by enrolling a test Windows 10 machine onto Microsoft’s Windows Insider Programme.

2 How Do I Uninstall Individual Windows Applications?

It is interesting to see how short-cut are created using other computer languages. The main complication is that not all languages allow direct calls to the COM library. Programs in these languages must either provide link creation code as an inbuilt function in the language, or must use other techniques to access the COM library.

Microsoft releasedWindows 11 to the general public in October, and now the company is rolling it out to more PCs if they meet Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. The store will support all kinds of apps, including those programming as PWA, UWP or Win32 formats. If you use your own commerce engine, you will not have to pay any revenue share to Microsoft at all. However, if you use Microsoft’s engine, you’ll have an 85/15 split for regular apps or 88/12 for games. Downloading and installing Windows 11 will most likely take longer than a typical Windows 10 feature update. You can use your PC while you’re downloading it and then you have the option to schedule the install to happen at a specific time when you aren’t planning on using your PC.

There are two main versions of WSL; WSL 2 is the updated version of WSL 1 and supports all system calls, and 20% faster than its predecessor. Although the WSL 2 is the current and overhauled version, some exceptions might make you use WSL 1. Which version you should use is a personal choice, but I would recommend going with WSL 2 because it is efficient and allows you to install Linux updates easily. In the System window, next to System type it will list 32-bit Operating System for a 32-bit version of Windows, and 64-bit Operating System if you’re running the 64-bit version.

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